We offer classes for every level and all ages. Classes are first-come, first-serve, so please be sure to reserve your spot

Elite Hops Jump Class

varies by location

Kangaroo Jump Class is a fun, innovative way to get fit! Jump boots are good for any age and have a number of health benefits such as: decrease stress on your joints, the ability to burn up to 20 calories per minute, decrease signs of osteoporosis, weight loss, muscle gain, increase endurance and much more!
Each member is provided with a pair of Jump Boots for each class!

Bungee Fit

6876 Pearl rd, Middleburgh Heights

A key number of benefits include: spinal decompression, lymphatic movement, core strengthening, upper body development, lower body stability, strengthen postural alignment muscles, general muscle toning and straightening, decreased joint pressure, improve range of motion, and increase calorie burn. 

Trampoline Fit

6876 Pearl rd,Middleburgh Heights

Benefits include: increasing lymphatic flow in the body, increase detoxification and cleansing of the body, improve the functioning of the immune system, help reduce or rid cellulite, strengthen skeletal system and increase bone mass, increase oxygen circulation, increased energy, decrease pressure on the joints, improve general body balance and posture, reduce body fat, and increase muscle to fat ratio.

Be sure to check out our gym partner, DeCore Martial Arts!

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