Innovating how you get fit. Make sure to reserve your spot ahead of time to confirm you're joining us!

  • Head trainer and owner is a licensed assistant physical therapist, nationally board certified, and CPR certified, with 6 years experience promoting health and wellness.  
  • First rebounding and strength training gym in Ohio to promote higher level exercise with decreased joint impact and less strain on the body, while maximizing your fitness routines and allowing for quicker muscle recovery.
  • Trained and certified expert in Kangaroo jump classes; our Elite Hop brand.
  • Trained and certified in bungee fitness classes; our Bungee Fit brand. 
  • Most classes offered, focus on rebounding which can boost your lymphatic system up to 30 times faster than any other exercise. This eliminates toxins from your cells faster and increases your calorie burn more than traditional workouts.
bungee fit
  • Rebound exercise has been found to be the most effective way to "prime the pump" and keep the system going, due to the up & down, low impact movement.
  • Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) can become more efficient with rebounding exercises, resulting in noticeable improvements in your muscle tone and increasing weight loss.
  • Within minutes your heart rate increases up to 85% of your Maximal Heart Rate.
  • Not only do you burn more calories during your workout but you even burn more calories between workouts due to the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (or EPOC); much like Hiit Training.

"I hadn't been able to jog or attend aerobic classes for years due to my knee surgery and excess weight. It really feels great to be able to exercise again and to have so much fun at the same time"

elite hops